You need to know how to get your music to your listeners and also get more new listeners who don’t listen to your music. When you know your audience, you will be able to reach out to them easily. To great a successful tour like the fleetwood mac 2013 tour you need to come up with a proper strategy. With the internet, you can be able to reach out to many people all over the world, just from your laptop in the comfort of your bed.

How to market your music

Social media and music streams sites

With social media, you can promote your music to each one of your followers, if it’s twitter and Instagram, friends in Facebook and all social media. For you to get a deal in social media, your posts should be funny and interesting to your audience. It should fit the target you want. If it is youths, you need to know how to address them. You may need to be funny for you get an interactive session with your audience. You need to work with streaming music site for your music to be listened to and also bought online.


Have your content in Music blogs and websites

Yes, you need your website which should be interactive, not static. Should always adapt and change when new events come up, this will make your fans always visit your site, knowing that they will find a new thing. This will make them be convinced and get to buy your music. Running a blog will help you reach out to many who like reading blogs. Have two or more blogs per week in WordPress and Bandzoogle will attract more audience, you will be sharing lyrics of songs even before you release it.

Doing collaboration with different musicians of different genre

By doing music with other musicians, will help you increase your audience and win more fans from different music lovers. You will get new platform when you make music appealing to different kind of fans. They will start listening to your music after doing a collaboration. You may also think of doing cover songs if you can’t have a collaboration.


Doing a free gig

By being available and offering yourself when called upon, will help you to market your music. Try to connect to your fans one on one. You may go and perform for free, but you find you’ve sold many copies of physical CDs than you expected. By availing yourself, you can end up connecting with people who would contract you and give you a life time opportunity.